Since our last post in July we’ve had a few releases. There were three songs for three different compilations and only one didn’t make the cut. “As The Worms Begin To Dig” was the one that didn’t make it for Future Disorder Records, an IDM/experimental/noise net label, and their “Three Years Compilation”. Their release is quite amazing with some splendid talent. For anyone who want’s to check it out, go HERE.

The two other songs “Try To Wake Up” and “Vivi Vista” were, respectively, sent to and accepted by two entities we’ve had the pleasure of releasing with before, PegasiaMusic and DJ Mac of WoodyRadio.
Pegasia released their compilation “Amorphia” on October 17th. Great production, great people.

Today sees the release of DJ Mac’s Post-Alternative Vision 2: Uniting The Underground. Again, independent, creative, quality tunes from independent, creative, quality human beings. Download it, share it, buy it, check it, support it, and, by all means, listen to it.

As organic as we’ve been in the past, with how we approach the music collaboratively, we are aiming to weed-out the over-thinking and sedimentation that tends to grow during our biennial collaborative cycle. So far I think it’s working out smoothly to our expectations. There’s some pretty gnarly stuff coming alongside some of our most mind-bending tracks yet. Instead of hording them all up to release at once we aim to share the songs as soon as they are completed via our SoundCloud page and various compilations, as we did with the three above mentioned songs. Once we feel we have all we want completed we shall compile them as an pay-what-you-want album on our Bandcamp. There may also be a limited run, hand-made CD-R art package offer further down the road.

Down the road:
So as we continue with our gravity obeying lives we hope to have a more steady stream of consciousness from the Dreamtime nexus and to share the sides of it we are still discovering. One of those sides is literature, and in light of NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo this month I am pushing myself to write, per day, at least 140 characters worth of either random poetic text or pieces towards a coherent whole, in attempts to progress my skill as story teller and song writer. Some will be shared here to put this space to more use, and some may not. But I will write, type and scribble not for perfection but for progress. Because I love commas, I do, I do, I do.


Early one morning, this morning, I began my day by browsing the internet for various comments, subjects, pictures, places, and people. A typical routine most of the time and rather therapeutic. I spend most of my time engulfing my retinas in “blue light” and considering myself luckier than most the people that are posting videos of their kids being hurt or the ones that try to assert their worldly views through memes and other text based posts that are certainly not made by that individual. Yes, Saturday morning is no longer dedicated to cartoons but instead the amusement of social media. A good substitute? I think not. Lastly, to paint a more vivid picture, I’m sitting in my dark apartment wearing yesterdays shirt and walking around in my boxers. A perfect day.


L-drizzle here with some updates.

So what’s new?
Lots, but nothing too concrete to share at the moment but there is much music being conjured and if you’ve been following us on the ol’ Facebook or SoundCloud then you may have heard snippets and demos of the works-in-progress. If you missed them don’t fret, there’s more to come. I’m not one to count the chickens before they hatch and we’ve never been too keen on setting a date until the music is done but if all pans out as it has in the past then we can probably look forward to a fall release of this new material.

With a side of?
Progress has been made on the ToySoldiersUnite side project. All I’m willing to say now is it’s basically a concept EP by a fictional group. There will be instrumental versions of the songs for folks to download and use in their own videos as well. It’s original purpose was for a set of PSAs for TSU propaganda, this is still the part of the plan, but due to technical holdups they have not been filmed yet.

A question?
We’ve been asked if we have or will play live in the future. Pft. No. We haven’t, not as Neuron Dreamtime, not yet, and yes we actually do have some plans to play live. These plans consist of evaluating and getting the rest of the equipment we need to re-create and perform our songs in a minimalist fashion while still having room to improvise and make each time through different. Once that prerequisite is fulfilled then we must practice, practice, practice with said equipment. If recruitment is needed we may recruit one other. Including the drummer friend who is interested that would make us a solid four piece. We desire some sort of light show or accompanying VJ projector as well, because we are artsy-fartsy like that and have tons of ideas that we want to shove into faces, melting the eyes. So when that criteria is met you bet your ass we’ll be setting out for local gigs with other local talent of the weird and wild variety. All in time. We can not rush ourselves. Music first, gig later.

Lastly, a merchandise plug. [insert evil laugh]!!!
Here are a couple ND tees available on RedBubble now.

Neuron Dreamtime - Neuron logo tee
Neuron logo


Neuron Dreamtime - Caduceus Saga alt logo
Caduceus logo


New version of image used for the song “Solar Return”

It’s certainly been a minute or two since our last post here at the ND nexus. So today, to show some love, we’re making public the Zero Cliff bonus album, The Ledge Beyond The Edge. It was given as a sort of secret special thank you to supporters and lucky strangers. Some good stuff on here. Tell your friends.


Yesterday saw the debut of a horror short with a music score composed by yours truly. The seven and a half minute short titled “In His Name” was written, directed, and edited by Jared Ouelette of Uncut Pictures. Tell your friends.


Not a whole lot going on in terms of new Dreamtime tunes, just some sound sketches and a couple demos. Nothing fancy. Yet. But tell your friends.

Winter has been a real bitch this year near the ND nexus. Keep warm, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands. Tell your friends.

Well, time to go piddle-fart around for a little bit.

Tell your friends.


Post Alternative Visions vol.1

DJ Mac of WoodyRadio has been working closely with us and the other bands included to produce volume 1 of “Post Alternative Visions”.

“These bands, artists and songs represent respect for and musical influences of past alternative genres with an original updated sound and poignant lyrics. Ranging from the dark, post-punk influenced melodies of Hyena Motorcade, Hearts Fail, The Secret Post, The Seraphim Rising, Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun, Kill the Reflection, IceChrystalls, to the cross-genre brilliance of Carved Lies, Hilliat Fields, 13 Monsters, and Stigmata, to the electronic creativity of Neuron Dreamtime, Vodsel, Preacherz of the Savage Truth, and Zeitfaktor, this group of creative bands offer originality and nonconformity. Paying homage to the past allows you to acknowledge where you’ve been while going somewhere new. This international collaboration from 15 independent bands and one internet radio DJ will be delivered for no charge using Bandcamp.”

Available November 1st, 2013 on Bandcamp at:

We’ve had the privilege and honor of being played on his internet radio shows alongside great songs and musicians both known and unknown. Here is his schedule, tune in and enjoy the sounds.

DJ Mac’s radio schedule
Tuesday: “Twitch” 8pm-10pm
Saturday: “The Saturday Night Special” 6pm-11pm
Sat/Sun: “After Hours” 1am-10am
Sunday: “The Underground” 4pm-7pm

Top news:
Today saw the 6th anniversary re-release of I Am My Own Mushroom. Free to download from the Bandcamp page.
We will be re-releasing the other three LPs and the first two Recollective EPs as free downloads in the not so distant future.
This way the entire Neuron Dreamtime discography can be found in one place, can be embedded nicely onto our /music page, and can be shared with ease.

In other news:
Through the Zero Cliff MusicSubmit campaign we were picked to join an alternative music compilation. We get to submit one song for this experiment run by DJ Mac and the wonderful folks at Woody Radio.
No decision yet as to what song. No release date set. More info to come.

Here’s Tom with the weather.


The new album has been out for a couple weeks now and there is something else being shared with fans and supporters who have contacted us or made an effort to help promote what we do. This other thing is a 10 song successor to Zero Cliff and is promptly titled The Ledge Beyond The Edge. It’s intended as a kind of semi-promotional bonus and was created while we were still putting the final touches on ZC. Those final stages were rather strenuous to us and sometimes we just felt like we had to put it on hold and work on some other stuff for a little bit. This is what became of those little bits. It could technically be considered a B-sides or a compilation of songs that didn’t make it to the new album as the title track Zero Cliff replaced Vitriol Syndrome – the final track on The Ledge Beyond The Edge – and despite all this The Ledge holds its own and feels like a complete project of organic quality.

Now in the aftermath and promotion of Zero Cliff we find ourselves a few steps closer to putting on a live show. Hopefully we’ll have some more detailed news on this in the coming months. Until then check out our Soundcloud page to hear a preview of one of the tracks from The Ledge performed live in the studio. A taste of things to come.

Also in the works is some soundtrack work which we hope to share sometime in the fall and re-releases of the Neuron Dreamtime back catalogue onto Bandcamp.

Exciting times, stay tuned!