Happy Birthday to our glorious website

Early one morning, this morning, I began my day by browsing the internet for various comments, subjects, pictures, places, and people. A typical routine most of the time and rather therapeutic. I spend most of my time engulfing my retinas in “blue light” and considering myself luckier than most the people that are posting videos of their kids being hurt or the ones that try to assert their worldly views through memes and other text based posts that are certainly not made by that individual. Yes, Saturday morning is no longer dedicated to cartoons but instead the amusement of social media. A good substitute? I think not. Lastly, to paint a more vivid picture, I’m sitting in my dark apartment wearing yesterdays shirt and walking around in my boxers. A perfect day.

Now that we have a setting, I’ll give a graphic detail of how this post came to life. It is very compelling. On my meanderings of the internet I finally decide that I should fill the absence of knowledge of how much money is in my bank account. Quickly, to the bookmark tab. Click-Clickity-clackity. “What the hell is this charge from wrdpr.com?”. I’ve been charged for the subscription to WordPress.com. Fuck, now I’m out 30 dollars. I was going to buy drugs with that. That thought surely faded when I realized that it is a good enough reason to type some mildly enthusiastic story about teenagers and their search for adulthood; post-high school. That then turned into this blog post.

Just the other day I remember my “summer vacation” was starting. Now it is mid July and I sit here typing this out. But who cares, what is ND doing? Why isn’t there any new music? Millions of adoring fans are waiting for the next compilation of experimental sudo-techno-pop-ambidustrial music. There is a very simply explanation. ND’s music and collaboration is an entity, this entity comes to fruition for brief moments of time when each individual is in phase. Similar to when two perfect sinusoidal waves finally meet at the maxima and minima. There have been things in the works but it has been slow because we are both doing various things that do not pertain to ND. So, naturally, nothing is produced rapidly. We’re machines, but machines that have many various functions and slow processors.

What is the cause of this you ask? Another very simple explanation. First, let us establish that we will simply be talking about perspectives and realities. Lew and I have always had similar perspectives of reality, it is what pushes ND together. From time to time our perspectives change and now we find ourselves in a different kind of love with reality. The way the tree moves in the wind now becomes a fascination, the way vocals are transduced into digital signals becomes beautiful. We begin to marvel at new things. In turn this ends up being a blessing and a curse. ND doesn’t meet at the same point, but our realities never become dull. There is always something new that creates vibrance. This is a very vague way to put it all, but its the best way I can relate it.

With this being said I now turn towards the reader. Reality sucks, but it is up to you to make it worth while. Other humans, things, and animals will not do it for you. You have to find ways to make other humans, things, and animals glow with brilliance. When you simply “switch it on” then words like boring, tedious, and dull leave your vocabulary and are substituted with lengthy stories which ultimately give your friends a moment to think about what they’re going to masturbate to later in the evening.

Happy Birthday NeuronDreamtime.com


They are calling and we are the fools.

Stay Hungry.

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