Can’t stop the signal

Static within the field of data.
Power on the noise reduction.
Filter out the fear.
Peer into the reaper.
Passion full throttle.
The waves swell.
Forgo the intimidation.
Cultivate cooperation.
Inspire revelation.
Forewarn depletion.
Archaic post-modernism.
Relief washes.
Can’t stop the signal.

As mentioned in the previous post this current project has been an outlet for our experiences, thoughts and ideas during the course of 3 years. Matt was the one who suggested the album name for our growing collection of songs and an underlying meaning that derived from a book he and I read, a 1921 dystopian novel titled “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Which is why I’ve felt as though this was a little more his project than mine compared to previous ND creations. We usually collaborate in two ways: the first is a back & forth collaboration of music files, tweaking and adding with each transfer and the second is the sit-down studio/recording time and discussions. But right now he is devoting his time to his college engineering courses and subsequently moved his association with ND from an active composer to a final producer of sorts. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened, I doubt it will be the last and I’m sure we’ll pickup our collaborative ways further down the road. I am still in a position to continue what we’ve started and spend quality sit-down time with this project but the timing can be unpredictable and haphazard. But, now that I’ve received his blessing to do whatever I deem necessary, it will be full steam ahead when the moments present themselves. Relief washes. The waves can be heard. Approaching ever closer.

Bringing us to the agenda. As before, there are lyrics… words… narration in the works. That’s all the recording that needs done. Once they’re all mixed, mastered and ready there will be a two month long PR phase to prepare for the release.

More updates as they are manifested.
The mix is almost perfect.
Be patient.

In case you missed it.

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