A Treat For The Doomsday Solstice

As we greet the winter solstice and the light of a new year begins to shine, the mind recalls all that has happened this year. Birthdays, marriages, and funerals. All the ups and downs of the year form a horizon line of data and experience that will form the basis of the impending layer of change.

Neuron Dreamtime is inseparable and nonexempt from these changes of ebb and flow.

We, as individuals, are still pouring our hearts into our crafts and our lives. We are diligently following our own paths while sharing our experiences and the things we’ve learned. As much as I wanted to have the new album ready for a December 21st release date it’s obvious that this won’t happen and it’s for the best as there is a lot of polishing to do. We’ve pretty much got the track-list down with some ordering still needed. The tracks themselves are well into their final mixes with only a few songs needing vocals recorded and then they’ll go through a tumble in the mastering mechanism. After that it’s off to duplication, packaging, then the full-blown release.

As mentioned here a few months ago we’ve also been eyeballing the options and obstacles of bring Neuron Dreamtime to the realm of Live performance. We’re exploring a MIDI controller and how to interface it with our creations in a such a way that they have a uniqueness from their studio counterparts and so they can be tweaked on the fly with a bit of ease.

All of this, the new album and the live incarnation,  should come to a head near the second quarter of 2013.

Until we have more to share… watch this.


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