Live The Dream

As the second album under the Neuron Dreamtime entity, LTD showcased another aspect.
A collaborative effort was put into the album. The track “RAWRWAR” was, in fact, the first ever collaborative track between Lewis and Matt and set in motion what would become known to them as “ambidustrial”. Their own genre title so to say. There’s so many nowadays, how about another? Wordplay with ‘ambient’, ‘industrial’ and ‘ambidextrous’, Ambidustrial is the blending and bending of the elements that make up those two genres.

Opening with a cacophony of synths, electronic beeping  and a bloody scream, it’s obvious from the start that this album is different from the debut in many ways. Hard pianos, sliced/glitch beats and multiple layers of programmed energy. The tone is darker and louder than anything on “IAMOM”. Bass, oscillators, crushed audio signals, all adding a layer of graininess and life to the album. Ride the hip-hop inspired beats into concepts of living your dream no matter what obstacles lay ahead, the collaborative pair are achieving just that with this album.
More story oriented this time around the album showcases the storytelling of an entity trying to survive in “Nefarious Lands”, more vocals are a result of this experimentation of storytelling. There are four tracks with a vocal element, one of which is a poem written by a poet and mutual friend of Lewis and Matt.