Live The Dream Lyrics

Sat Nam

You come into this world
It’s very bright
It’s very loud
Things confuse you
Mesmerize you
Your mind gets played with
But then again its a very divine experience

Sine Die

Here I go, doing what I do best
What you do, what I detest
It’s not the same but it’ll do, accepted like the rest
So here it is from me to you, just don’t hold your breath

This medicine is yours, don’t you recognize the taste
Something such as this should never go to waste
So fuck the tradition and settle the score
Can this truly be?
Are we working whores?
Taking what we like least
Do we bare the shame?
In what God’s name?
I won’t take the blame
This is your fault, never mine
We’ll never reach the line
Where the body terminates its time
Procrastinating all of mine
I am hurting
From this simple crime
As I divide myself
One more time

How can we stop this vicious cycle if we don’t know when to start?

Maybe the beginning
Maybe in the end
Maybe on the other side
Or maybe within
Here I go, doing what you’d not expect
Wiping the slate clean and making correct
Stepping into the storm
It made a sound and formed
A mutual understanding
That was bright and warm
But it wasn’t without
The wait of the doubt
Hypocrisy’s hold on me
Was steering the route

The grip is tight but I’ll break free, ‘cause as of now I feel that I am through with this!

I will snap the chain and clear away all that remains
Accept your right, deny the end
I am through with this until again

Just not today

Nefarious Lands

So there I was
Cornered and cluster-fucked from the get go (fucked, fucked)
Indirectly forced
Enter the nightmare
Shit! What’s going on?
I need to
Gather my thoughts and run
Quickly and swiftly
Go, go, go!

Jabberwocky droned
The darkness was chilling
I clung to my rifle
I just knew there’d be killing
Running, running, running, running
I am always running
Running, running, running from something
Maybe it’s nothing
But there’s no time to stop
To turn to look
To see if there’s anything left
Gotta survive, gotta stay alive
Gotta Simper Fi
Do or die

Then there he was
Out from his vessel
A silhouette of a man
I saw no weapon
As I stepped closer
No detailed revealed
Only a sound
That I could feel

Translated to:
Quit breathing this air
Things will fall apart beyond repair
War cannot resolve what we are working for
While one aims to reach for more
A simple land I many ways
A line so fine slowly decays
This choice is yours
Love, hate, fear
Transmit soon
The end is near


It came upon me
Like a subtle dream
That doesn’t stir you awake…
Words were spoken
Of smiles smeared across faces.
And these words that dribbled out
Would again and again say,
But it was always beauty.
And I spoke
Through solitudes unbroken,
Conjured from a part of me
My hands had never reached for…
In a flash,
I witnessed the happenings of the
Expanse of the universe…
A story of a soul so
Saturated with life
All afloat
The light refracted off
The objects and bore color…
Some things the soul hasn’t heard
Word of…until…
My body is a scribe to
The greater orator, my soul…

A pen drifts in and out
Of my mind,
Etching the conversation
Between it and the soul…
All knowledge is based
Only on perception of Man.
The only knowledge I can
Deem true is that I am seeing
Life manifest through and around me.
I am not a good man because of any god,
I am a good man because I live in a house of mirrors
That only poses a question…
If we arrive at the same destination,
Then does it matter how we spend the journey?
But of course, I am the sigh after the thrill…