The Ledge and Beyond


The new album has been out for a couple weeks now and there is something else being shared with fans and supporters who have contacted us or made an effort to help promote what we do. This other thing is a 10 song successor to Zero Cliff and is promptly titled The Ledge Beyond The Edge. It’s intended as a kind of semi-promotional bonus and was created while we were still putting the final touches on ZC. Those final stages were rather strenuous to us and sometimes we just felt like we had to put it on hold and work on some other stuff for a little bit. This is what became of those little bits. It could technically be considered a B-sides or a compilation of songs that didn’t make it to the new album as the title track Zero Cliff replaced Vitriol Syndrome – the final track on The Ledge Beyond The Edge – and despite all this The Ledge holds its own and feels like a complete project of organic quality.

Now in the aftermath and promotion of Zero Cliff we find ourselves a few steps closer to putting on a live show. Hopefully we’ll have some more detailed news on this in the coming months. Until then check out our Soundcloud page to hear a preview of one of the tracks from The Ledge performed live in the studio. A taste of things to come.

Also in the works is some soundtrack work which we hope to share sometime in the fall and re-releases of the Neuron Dreamtime back catalogue onto Bandcamp.

Exciting times, stay tuned!


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