One foot in front of the other

“Datascape One [Spectrum Gradient]”
by Lewis Morris
In just a few days from writing this I will have quit my uninspiring and draining day-job to focus on my art and the few important projects I’ve almost finished. Soon after I will be taking commissions for pieces ranging from card sizes up to 9′ x 12′ canvas backdrop, all in the style of my pen and ink pieces. My wife  and I will also be taking commissions for our Mad-Hatter style hats like the one I wore at our Mad Tea Party. (See then Gallery>Photography)

The plans are well into play and all is coming to a head. The new album is looking mighty fine, still some tweaks left before its all wrapped up, my time with it as producer has taken a backseat for a week or two as I prepared to leave the restaurant I’ve worked at for five years.

I know that the life of an artist is hard as far as making a living, even making ends meet, but I feel deep down that this is the right move. I see it like this, I can either stay where I’m at and complain about it ever increasingly or I can do something about it and make the change. It’s an easy choice that I maybe should have made sooner. I know I will be happier putting my time into work I love for people who like the work I do and would appreciate a custom piece or who listen to the music and buy the albums. Instead of doing work I don’t much care for for people who are ungrateful and unappreciative for the meal and service provided to them. There are already a couple preemptive commissions for friends lined up so I can get into the swing of things. I also have the bills covered for a month and have some basic outdoor work lined up for the summer. A summer I will be able to enjoy with the wife, family, and friends.

To all who read this, to all who will support and do support the arts and their practitioners
my sincere and humble thank you


Also, recently added to the website menu under “Sight and Sound” is “Desktop Wallpapers“. More to come.

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