RIP V-Amp & other news

“Since before the beginning of ND this machine has been with me. I’ve developed my style with of it and my love for sound. It had been teetering on the brink for sometime now. Took it out of storage and it sang a final screeching swan song a few days ago, a horrid bout of feedback that could wake the dead. Now it sits, talking to itself in a garbled electronic language only Tesla could understand. It will be remembered as it was, the backbone of sound in IAMOM and instrumental component in the following 3 full length albums and 2 EPs and recycled as it is, a broken lunatic of a noise beacon that lays await for a chance to be plugged to an amp to spread the schizophrenic word of a ghost in the machine. RIP V-Amp.” ~Lew

In other news:

-Tweaker (Chris Vrenna) is having a remix contest of the new single “Fine”, hosted through AcidPlanet.  We are taking some time to participate and remix. More on that to come.
-Lyrical work still in progress for the new album.

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