Zero Cliff Lyrics

All Who Wander Are Not Lost
I’ve walked as far as my legs could carry
Among the grey ghosts long since killed by blight
Their corpses creak as the wind swells
The leaves swirl along the ground

Back against a ghost to rest
All this land was once without a tag
Among these streams and mossy stumps

Millenniums of passers by
Thousand of trails faded with the seasons
By no means do I know where I am going
Only that I must continue

Its dark now, no embers or spark
Time to slow the pace of the heart
Relax to wander again
When the light returns

Divide The Throne
Divide the throne
Drain the moat
Find the bones
And all the rope
Disguise the act
Retract the claim
Burn the deed

Divide the mind
Subtract the greed
Forfeit all your sight to see
The strands of strings that sing in tune
The concert of stars and moon

Divide the throne, that’s not to say
To give the half of whole away
To see the line of light between
The unknown half of what is seen

Divide what you know by that which you don’t
Allow it to show what you will and you won’t


A Series of Tangent Arcs
The ebb and flow that comes and goes
Willing the journey from beginning to end

Ripple, reflect and chaos theory
Mathematical quest to see it clearly
Sine wave stack of statistical charts
Syntactical trust of tangent arcs

Run and jump and dive and swim
Ride the wave from beginning to end
Not just a drop in the ocean
But the ocean in a drop
Live and breath and die again
Be the wave from beginning to end
Not just a drop in the ocean
But the ocean in a drop

The ebb and flow that comes and goes
Will get you far but then who knows
With every fall another rise
Just go with it, you’ll be alright
Syntactical trust of tangent arcs
Holding you up above the sharks
Crash and break and cut and pass
Flow around then kick some ass


No Final Revolution
To rock the block is to shock the public
And to pick the lock is to kill the puppet

Break the glass in case of dementia
Snap the strings, release the tension
Drown in gravity’s method, so sweet, so rapid

There’s more to this than meets the eye
Entropy of an isolated mind
Its hard to equate feelings of watching yourself die

This system is broken, its shatter and falling apart
There’s nothing but remains and the sound of changing times
Because there’s more to this than meets the eye
Like space above the sunlit sky
And the electromagnetic fields
Unperceived emotional static, erratic
Dogmatic power grab conspiracy
So reject or rejoice
Reflect upon your choice

It’s your life not theirs
It’s your right and your cares
It’s life not theirs
It’s time to kill your fears

Let go or be dragged down
Let go or suffer the uprising

Hard Times
Down and out my luck is failing
Ice cold hands and doom cloud trailing
A misguided step to bet the rest of me
These hard times always get the best of me
These hard times always set my anger free
These hard times always make me sad to be
But somehow in the end they let me see
Somehow in the end I’m allowed to be
Redeemed for the sake of reality
Dropped back in the groove of sanity
Only now I’m filled with anxiety
These hard times come and go
These hard times come and go

Shattered stone, stuck in a rut
All because I tried covering up
Walking away, watching my step
These hard times always get me (down)
Tripping me up from time to time
These hard times have a way of slapping my mind
Reminding the importance of enjoying the ride
Persevere through the darkness, overcome and out shine
Reverse negativity, subdue your confines
Inject your creativity and feel it sublime

Leeward In Stride

Get It
What would I’ve said…
I understand that it’s your life and your choice
But can you hear the trembling love in my voice when I say
Please don’t go through with it, put the gun away,
Maybe I’m just being selfish for wanting you to stay

General Formula


Eyes To The Sky

Would Anyone Want It?
If everyone felt the same
Who then would we blame
If everyone felt the same
Would anyone want it?

Some say life’s just a game
Some lose some win the same
Lost in, found out
Would anyone want it?

Tell it once, tell it twice, tell it three times then ask it (nice)
To let you roll the dice, a chance bestowed upon your own vice

If we all shared the shame
Could we then share the blame
If we all shared the shame
Would anyone want it?
If loving killed the pain
And unions filled the frame

And we saw were all the same
Would anyone want it?

I don’t know where to begin
I may have already started
It’s hard to tell exactly where I am
The earthly smell of wet dirt
As the wind blows through the windows
And I find myself attracted to the end of this dream
So I close my eyes and open wide
For the end is nigh and I need a sign
I close my eyes and open wide
For the end is nigh and I need a sign
Only to be handed a lie

Mutiny Within the Palace of Eyes
Data streams from corporate machines
Silence within the halls of analog
Punch card print out, stomped on spit out
Reclaim the land for the future

Reset the chip that filters out
Your deepest dreams then fills with doubt
Call the bluff of fears best stuff
Reclaim the land for the future

Not for the sake of a brand name price tag
Instead for the ones who will supersede
These ego wars and the color doors
The things we never say
The late at nights, out of sight
These things we keep at bay
Thoughts of power and as we cower
We lock ourselves away
With the money whores and the marble floors
And the things we never say

Sample rate set to blow
Set the trigger start the show
Sample rate set to blow
Pull the trigger start the show

Blue shadow flickering flame
Clear light vanishing smoke

Heavy air, nothing there
Vast expanse, out last chance

The Sisyphus Achievement
Subtle colors on the jagged path
Earthly quakes in clusters
Quantum tunnel, if he could he would
But his feet and hands are blisters
With burnt lungs he shivers and shakes
Kneeled upon moss and shale
The blood runs and the skin turns pale
As he picks himself up and attempts again

Further up the hill, breath becomes shallow
An epic quest to rest in peace as the sky fills the view to
A waning crest of the best that could be, lest my footing fails me
It gives
I stall
It rolls
I fall

To imagine you happy would be optimal but I fear the hill will take you down
So I wait patiently for the fall… a depressing vector of stone condenses producing a fleeting reward… a mobius strip of struggle…I sense that one more push would be the last to fall and roll I’d say you must be happy. Savor the taste at the top, for your flesh will decay.

A Wild Frontier
Declaration to romanticize
My future and my right
To dream beyond consumption
And everything laid out in sight
Insecure and prided
With rubbish and hypocrisy
Implemented to act
With guile and diligence
Impressible leads you wrong
Incapable of seeing consequences
Whittle thy will
Conception fruition
Blasphemous action reaction
A wild frontier
My essence to be
My knowledge from the tree
Remember to write it down
My ebb and flow to ride the wave
And save the recollections
Speak your peace
Shower the path
Share the sensibility

Whittle thy will child
Conception damnation
Blasphemous action reaction
A frightful frontier
Realize the fear
Adjust and shift gear
Sit in this moment
Create, create
Create the frontier

Zero Cliff
Bit by bit, another byte
Coalesce another test, defrag the light
Feathering beneath the surface, just under the skin
A place where the human vacates and the alien sets in

It’s just a state of mind as the end comes around
Select your focus, move parallel to the ground
Take the steps you need to reach the cliff and see to
You dissolve your boundaries and sail your ship among the stars

Home, At Last
Hi, Honey. Welcome home.