“As the gates open to a roundabout encircling a great fountain, strange songs can be heard from an indiscernible location. The skeletal forms of the architecture appear bare but are interestingly not. The deeper you look into it you begin to recognize fractal forms engaged in a subtle tachykinesic movement. Every surface appears to be alive.”

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It’s spent months in the making and incubation but now it’s at a mature enough state to be open to the public. The subscription is based on per creation, or “Exhibit” (i.e. a paid post). I went with that method instead of a monthly subscription because I doubt my ability to keep up with my own expectations. This way I can *attempt* to get a monthly schedule going to the point I feel confident enough to switch the method to recurring monthly subscription. Patreon is still relatively new to me and it will take some time to learn the ropes in building a community of supporters.

When creating art, even with an established plan, I lose myself in the possibilities and struggle with self doubt. When I look at a blank canvas I see the infinite. Miraculously, once an idea is set upon, infinity splinters into a new infinity. The painting, or the song, or the story can go in any direction. But as time is traveled and space is identified, what becomes is a cross section of many infinities, captured or frozen in time. That’s the fun part and what I revel in. And where I get lost. But I eventually find my way back. Decisions are made. Paint is brushed, notes are played and words are written.

“Finis coronat opus.”

Things have settled down considerably in the land of the new album, only tiny steps are being taken but we’re still approaching. The ebb phase has arrived as it always seems to after a flow and the projects that were once on the front burner are switched with projects on the back burner, therefore there is never a dull moment and projects have their incubation periods. In the outer-land of music unrelated to the new album there are a couple theme songs in the works for a set of comical webisodes (unrelated to each other) and the Tweaker remix is also manifesting. A relapse into visual art has also occurred and ideas for a new ambient project are being bounced around the gray matter. Also, in wake of the V-Amp death, the scouting for new equipment is also in phase.

Here are the teaser trailers from one of the upcoming webisodes that are featuring clips of the song “Dragon” and a previously unreleased track, “Walk The Talk”. For the gamers out there here is the upcoming YouTube show, TrayPlays.

Free download of “Walk The Talk” MP3

“The Moon and Trine”
Taken on the evening of August 21st, 2012

1) Contemplating which songs from the new album to turn into multi-tracks for remixing purposes.
2) The commissioned artistic interpretation for the first single has arrived.
3) Talks of live music gigs and the where’s and how’s.
4) Still engaging the lyrical writing process.
5) Day-jobs and school.
6) Perseverance .
7) Life.