Synaptic Plasticity: The ability of synapses to strengthen or weaken over time, in response to increases or decreases in their activity.

It thrills me to have the domain back with projects underway after a lengthy hiatus. Today is Neuron Dreamtime’s official 10 year anniversary with the release of IAMOM back in 2007. Since then the number of manifestations has reached 150+ tracks in the form of full releases, EP’s, and singles, equating to over 9 and a half hours of music and music like noises.

Synapse: a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

Since MirrorMirror I’ve spent most of this hiatus removed from any/all music in-progress but about once or twice a year I have a sit down between two coils of copper and listen to whatever new music we’ve shelved into digital incubation as well as any amount of the back catalog to make notes and daydream. This is occasionally accompanied by a feeble attempt to write a witty blog or FB post that resembles an update trying to communicate, to an extent, some amount of insight into the madness we call our musical process and the current state of our journey. This is obviously one of those attempts.

“The Map Is Not The Territory” – coming soon…

However, during the past couple months I’ve been rekindling the hibernating files and notes toward a final destination. The new album entitled The Map Is Not The Territory is scheduled for a fall debut with the high likelihood of a small Kickstarter campaign for CD duplication leading up to release. With or without crowdfunding, it will be coming to the Bandcamp catalogue as well.

Come on in, the water is fine.

On a closing note, I found it poetic that the last post was drought themed as there was a drought both environmentally and metaphorically when it was posted. As of today this has been one of the nicest, rainiest spring/summer seasons of recent memory and creative endeavors seem destined to fructify.



Head on over to Kickstarter and give these boys some love. They have always been very supportive of everything Dreamtime related. Support to them is support to me and you in the form of culture and art!

Click the pic to go to the Kick!

Disillusion Effect’s Kickstarter campaign at the time of writing this. (WordPress does not allow iframe embedding)

Here we go!

The first single from the upcoming album “Zero Cliff”. This track has been patiently built over the course of three years. We are finally approaching the final stages of building the album and felt it was time to share some content. Neuron Dreamtime takes time, it takes dreams, and it takes neurons, to build and furnish ideas into sonic and visual media.

It will reveal when ready.

Until then and beyond, enjoy.

It’s available to stream on both BandCamp and SoundCloud.

“The Moon and Trine”
Taken on the evening of August 21st, 2012

1) Contemplating which songs from the new album to turn into multi-tracks for remixing purposes.
2) The commissioned artistic interpretation for the first single has arrived.
3) Talks of live music gigs and the where’s and how’s.
4) Still engaging the lyrical writing process.
5) Day-jobs and school.
6) Perseverance .
7) Life.


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There have been a couple attempts and ideas for a website prior to this but they all fell away due to changing times and tech. We have used WordPress to construct this site and we hope to upgrade and continue to expand the ND roots of creativity into its architecture.

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~Neuron Dreamtime