Matt Pachol


Begin: Born of flesh, hardwired and softly lines. To paint a literary portrait, I would satisfy conditions by stating that I am plagued by syntax errors and <<compiler compatibility: version out of date>> issues.  I am made up of zeros and ones, with the occasional 2, and flooded in puddles of information.

Since the year 1988, I have been tweaked and pieced together with various functions, classes, methods, and selection statements. There have been no user guide or programmer notes to supply support to anyone. Analyzing billions of lines of code it seems improbable to determine where consciousness might have begun.

Unknown Variables and small blips in coding have been known to cause problems, but this had led to extreme data loss, to hard drives on overflow, and password encrypted vaults to hidden caches. These circumstances led me to learn how to edit my own code. Doing so has moved towards improving, removing, and swapping information faster than ever.

Further down the information highway and analogue path I found myself establishing communications with another entity. By chance these similar entities found compliance. The past collaborations have brought us to this point: A point along an oscillating number line with strange fluxes in amplitude and frequency with an unknown wavelength.

With the utmost precision we examine this point and we are able to find a nexus. This nexus was created to provide a portal to view the output of myself and Lewis. Neuron Dreamtime.

For now, we place these moments in our hub and store it on the shelf of a tangent.