The vibrations have been increasing. There’s a confidence in what’s going on
that is climbing, reaching for the edges. The remains of unchecked lists amount
to only a page. From this feeling of nearing completion, the silly side has
commandeered the promotional controls in a bout of creativity.

There is so much to share.
A reminder to myself and all who read this,
to be patient and laugh as the wind carries the final bits of data  toward the cliff.
The not so distant line marking the release has been drawn.
There will be a couple months more, maybe less, of fine tuning then it’ll be off to duplication.
After that, a  couple of months to get all the promotional and distribution outlets paid for and set.
Then an exact day will be set for widespread unveiling.

Summer 2013


Things have settled down considerably in the land of the new album, only tiny steps are being taken but we’re still approaching. The ebb phase has arrived as it always seems to after a flow and the projects that were once on the front burner are switched with projects on the back burner, therefore there is never a dull moment and projects have their incubation periods. In the outer-land of music unrelated to the new album there are a couple theme songs in the works for a set of comical webisodes (unrelated to each other) and the Tweaker remix is also manifesting. A relapse into visual art has also occurred and ideas for a new ambient project are being bounced around the gray matter. Also, in wake of the V-Amp death, the scouting for new equipment is also in phase.

Here are the teaser trailers from one of the upcoming webisodes that are featuring clips of the song “Dragon” and a previously unreleased track, “Walk The Talk”. For the gamers out there here is the upcoming YouTube show, TrayPlays.

Free download of “Walk The Talk” MP3

Here we go!

The first single from the upcoming album “Zero Cliff”. This track has been patiently built over the course of three years. We are finally approaching the final stages of building the album and felt it was time to share some content. Neuron Dreamtime takes time, it takes dreams, and it takes neurons, to build and furnish ideas into sonic and visual media.

It will reveal when ready.

Until then and beyond, enjoy.

It’s available to stream on both BandCamp and SoundCloud.