Brief Encounters Lyrics


Evaluate the current state of everything you love and hate
Synchronize, optimize, allow yourself to realize
Evaluate the rate at which we eliminate the fate
Equate the length of reach as we kill the bill of speech
And succumb to the one who holds the gun

Crawled Inside

God enters through the wound to peel away the reflection
Still the waters flow and rush and settle amidst the ocean
Silent merchant of ivory depth rides another wave
Along the hall of dormant dreams
The master becomes the slave

A Substantial Obscurity

Haven’t we met in the static?
I remember you said something about
How none of it really matters to you
And this is all just a dream inside my mind
What I did not understand back then (but soon realized)
Is what you meant by ‘Quitters never win’
And the strange thing you said to me

There’s gotta be a way around it.

A Day For Closed Doors

M- It has to be.. it’ll go, it will cut back to me and the bottle is empty.. and uh

L- (whisper) …cut back to him and the bottle is empty..

Z- Do you kinda want me to um… like kinda of uh…  like before we actually start the wide zoom on his head and zoom out and this… and whenever I zoom out … cause its so dark now you can’t really… cause if you look at the shot all you really see is like this… can you tell what that is?..

M- Yeah, I can tell

Z- Alright

M- But uh… (clatter) .. in shot… then zoom out…

Where you born in a barn?
Shut the fuckin’ door!


(bang, clatter)
Z- You gotta… these…

M- (laughs) Oh, my bad

Z- (laughs) You were like cranking on it, too!

M- I know I was like ‘Agghhh!’… alright…Oh you know what would be nice with that, that will be just like…

Z- ?

M- …Yea and then we’ll come out… in to the..

L- I got the ?… My head itches now

M- Yea that’s a good shot right there…. Then we’ll zoom out